One Single Ticket


A Victorian detective thriller by Robert Wallace
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It is 1852

It is 1852

‘Isambard Kingdom Brunel has long suspected interference in one of his most prestigious schemes: London to New York via Bristol on one single ticket – a seamless journey. First Class travel by land and by sea; at this time, an unrivalled proposition.

Brunel is determined to reveal the identity of his adversary. He engages the services of Harry Brooke, once of the 44th British Infantry Regiment; a survivor of the recent Afghan campaign who is now a private investigator in Victorian Britain with a somewhat colourful past.

But first Brunel sets Brooke a task to see if he is able to place his trust in him……….’

“It is actually a nice yarn, told at a breathless pace and easy to read. I enjoyed it. It is a sort of detective story, with a Richard Hannay type of hero straight out of a John Buchan thriller, and it goes with a swing.”

Professor R. Angus Buchanan

Emeritus Professor History and Technology

University of Bath

Author of ‘Brunel: The Life and Times of Isambard Kingdom Brunel’

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